Skills & Drills Clinics

Skills and Drills Clinics are designed to provide a combination of instruction and training drills to improve performance out on the course.


This unique combination can be one of the most effective training programs for your game. Not only will you improve your technique, but you will also be provided a guideline for effective practice that will carry over to the golf course.


Your time is valuable! Allow us to help keep your game on track and provide solutions to trouble areas before the next time you go play!

Clinics Include:


  • Three 90 minute sessions of your choice (4.5 hours total)
  • Specific skill technique covered in each session
  • Drills and effective practice guidelines
  • Ability to select dates to fit your schedule
  • Choose clinics to fit your needs
  • Range balls included


Fee:   $225  (includes 3 clinics)
** Not a suitable program for golfers new to the game.

Clinic Schedule 2020


Driver Clinics

Hit the ball farther and with more control. 



Irons/Hybrids/Fairway Woods

Make solid contact. Achieve proper ball flight and trajectory.




Proper execution and controlling your shots from 100 yards and in.


You can only be as consistent with your play as you are consistent with your practice and preparation to play.
-Rita Reasons
Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf