Women’s Beginner Program

The Women’s Beginner Program is designed to provide new golfers with basic fundamentals and knowledge needed to get started playing the game of golf. With emphasis on personal attention, we ensure a fun golfing experience! There is no need for you to feel intimidated; everyone in this program is new to the game. If you have played before, but it has been a while and you feel the need for a fresh start, you might also consider this program as an option.


The Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf has partnered with the LPGA to include this women’s program as a part of LPGA Golf 101, an official Intro to Golf Program.

LPGA Top 50 Teacher and National Teacher of the Year, Rita Reasons will provide you with a base of knowledge, skills, and the confidence required to get you out on the course to play.

Women’s Beginner Schools


Invite a friend or co-worker to join you in learning to play. This informative two-day program meets Saturday and Sunday afternoons where you will learn basic golf fundamentals needed to go out on the golf course to play!


  • 7 hours of instruction
  • Saturday/Sunday sessions
  • 6:1 student/teacher ratio
  • Instruction materials will be provided online, prior to your program
  • Video instruction series for continuing education upon completion of program
  • Learn basic fundamentals of tee shots, fairway shots, short game, and putting
  • Clubs provided if needed; recommendations for future purchase
  • Invitation to join Women’s Golf Group of Middle Tennessee private Facebook page


Fee: $425

2023 School Schedule


Dates/Times Available:

Day 1 (Saturday)  1:00 – 4:30 PM
Day 2 (Sunday)  1:00 – 4:30 PM


Sept. 23-24


Once you have scheduled, please call 615-778-8823 to provide payment information to complete your registration. 

If the date requested is full, we can add you name to the waiting list. We will contact you should a spot open up. This program is also available for private groups. Contact us to set up a date and time to meet your needs. A minimum of four golfers is required.

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Private New-Golfer Program


For those who prefer one-on-one instruction or if your schedule doesn’t permit attending one of our group sessions, individual instruction may be your best option.


Whether you are wanting to learn to play for work or with family and friends, this is a program to get you ready for the course.


  • Program provides flexibility to adapt to your schedule.
  • Two golfers maximum may participate in Level I together.
  • Level II is available after completing Level I or Women’s Beginner Program
  • Includes instructional materials. Level II includes Video Analysis.
  • Learn basic fundamentals of tee shots, fairway shots, short game, and putting.
  • Clubs provided if needed; recommendations for future purchase.

Level I (Private)

Four Hours of Instruction


Session I – Intro to Clubs/Putting
Session II – Chipping/Pitching
Session III – Full Swing Irons/Hybrids
Session IV – Full Swing Fairway Woods/Driver


Level I (Designed for 2 Golfers)

Five Hours of Instruction


Session I (2 hours) Putting and Chipping/Pitching
Session II (2 hours) Intro to Full Swing Irons/Hybrids
Session III (1 hour) Full Swing Fairway Woods/Driver


Fee:   $510 per person
Please call to schedule for 2 participants.

Level II (Private Only)

Four Hours of Instruction. Includes Video Analysis.


Session I – Drivers Distance/Direction Control
Session II – Irons/Hybrids – Solid Contact
Session III – Reading Greens/Refining Short Game Skills
Session IV – Bunker Shots


LPGA Golf 101 “Corporate”


Are you tired of staying back at the office while your co-workers are out on the course playing in the company outing? Don’t be left out! That can change! Allow us to help you get ready to play!


We will familiarize you with the necessary golf terminology, protocol, and all the skills you will need to feel comfortable out on the course.


Allow us to customize an instruction program for your group to meet your budget and schedule. Call us at 615-778-8823 or email Rita Reasons at rreasons@qsog.com for more information and to discuss options to meet your needs.


“To be successful at golf, you don’t have to know everything, you just need to be confident that you CAN do it!”
Nancy Quarcelino

Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf