Junior Golf Instruction

At the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, we focus on training designed for the competitive junior player.


We take a systematic approach which encompasses skill development, on-course performance, and mental mindset. This approach can direct progression from middle school to high school to collegiate golf.


Junior Golf Training is led by Nancy Quarcelino, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Rita Reasons, LPGA National Teacher of the Year and US Kids Golf Top 50 Teacher.

Junior Golf Private Training 


All Instruction Programs include the use of Flightscope X3  launch monitor, Computer/Video analysis using V1 Sports, a personal online video locker using V1 Golf app, and a custom plan for improvement.


Instruction with Nancy Quarcelino
One-Hour Session  $200


Instruction with Rita Reasons
One-Hour Session  $175

(Additional pricing options available with Golf Performance Training.) 

Junior Golf Performance Training 


Junior Golf Performance Training provides a unique opportunity for overall game improvement and development of junior players.


Performance Training includes:


  • Three to six hours of customized training
  • Total game video analysis with V1 Sports
  • Personalized online video locker via V1 Golf app
  • Swing and distance tracking with FlightScope X3 launch monitor
  • BodiTrak ground force and pressure mapping system
  • Coach availability via text and email between sessions

Program I 
Three-Hours of Training
$540 with Nancy Quarcelino
$475 with Rita Reasons

Program II
Six-Hours of Training
$960 with Nancy ($320 mo./3 mos.)
$840 with Rita  ($280 mo./3 mos.)

*All Coaching Programs must be completed within the calendar year.

*Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance or session is forfeited.

*No refunds on any lesson packages.

On-Course Coaching 


The best assessment of how junior golfers play and manage their game is done on the golf course. Simulating situations on the driving range and practice areas is no comparison as to how they actually manage their game during play.


During On-Course Coaching, we will observe technique, club selections, course management decisions, alignment, ability to handle adverse situations, and more. We will evaluate performance, answer questions, and make recommendations as to what can be done to improve play and lower scores.


On-Course with Nancy Quarcelino
Three-Hour Session  $540


On-Course with Rita Reasons
Three-Hour Session  $475

(Does not include green fees. Call 615-778-8823 to schedule.) 

Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf