Club Fittings

At the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, we understand the importance of having properly fit equipment and the effect it can have on your golf performance.


Every day we witness students who are not able to play to their potential because of improperly fit clubs or because they are using equipment that was handed down to them or they purchased clubs because it was a good deal. It may have been a good deal but that doesn’t mean it is a good fit!


Regardless of how good of a swing you have, if you play with the wrong equipment, you won’t hit your best shots!  The club needs to fit your swing. You should not have to change to fit the club.


We have chosen to team up with companies who are on the cutting edge of golf equipment technology and have established themselves as leaders in the golf industry.  The data from the FlightScope X3 launch monitor is utilized to ensure a proper fit for your clubs.

Flightscope 2

Club Fitting Sessions

When you come to the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf for a Club fitting session, you can expect to be fit for the proper:

Length: As coaches of the game, we educate our players that to produce a consistent swing, one must have a consistent routine as they prepare to execute a shot. The proper length club is required to allow players to set up with the proper posture consistently in order to create their best swing.

Shaft Flex: One of the most important components of the fitting process is finding the proper shaft for your swing. This will affect both the distance and direction of all your shots.

Lie Angle: There are different variables to consider in determing the proper lie angle, but the most important is the position of the club head at impact. This can influence the direction of the ball flight.

Grip Size: One of the most overlooked components by golfers. Grips come in different textures, colors, sizes, and weight. The grip is the only connection you will have to the golf club. It must fit the size of your hand. Too big or small of a grip can cause unnecessary tension and create havoc with your swing just as having a grip that is too heavy or too light..

Club Fittings provided for: PING, Callaway, Taylor-Made, Mizuno, Titleist, PXG, and SeeMore Putters

Club Fitting Services

Full Bag Fitting  (all woods, irons, wedges, putter)  3.5 hours

Driver Fitting  1.5 hours

Iron Fitting  1.5 hours

Fairway Wood/Hybrid Fitting  1 hour

Wedge Fitting  1 hour

Putter Fitting  1 hour