Club Fittings

At the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, we understand the importance of having properly fit equipment and the effect it can have on your golf performance. With our combined expertise in both teaching and club fitting, we are able to provide a unique experience guaranteed to improve your game!


Every day we witness students who are not able to play to their potential because of improperly fit clubs. Many are using equipment that was handed down to them or they purchased clubs because it was a good deal. It may have been a good deal but that doesn’t mean it is a good fit!


Regardless of how good of a swing you have, if you play with the wrong equipment, you won’t hit your best shots!  The club needs to fit your swing. You should not have to change to fit the club.


Test clubs from perfect conditions inside our facility and watch the ball flight out on to the range. No hitting into simulators here!

An innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing for accurate tracking technology. 

The Club Fitting Process

Current Club Assessment: Your club fitter will utilize the FlightScope X3 launch monitor to gather data on your existing clubs to establish a benchmark for comparison. Spin rates, clubhead speed, launch angles and more.


Test Clubs: Based on the data, your fitter will build different combinations of club heads and shafts for you to test.


Optimal Performance:  After determination of the club which out performs your current equipment, the fitter will then optimize your new club for your specific swing needs; shaft length, loft, lie angles, swing weight and grip size.


Purchasing Clubs:  We work directly with the club manufacturer to insure that your new clubs are built to the exact specifications as determined by your fitter.

Club Fitting Services

We currently fit Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Taylor Made, XXIO, and Mizuno. When scheduling your fitting session, please specify for which components you desire to be fit and the club companies you prefer.


To schedule your session, please contact us at 615-778-8823.


Fitting Fee: $150 per hour

I was extremely pleased with the clubfitting process and the results. So much so that I am taking a few lessons now, which already are paying dividends. -Keith
Nancy is the best! Save yourself a lot of time, money and frustrations with club selections, and use her fitting services, you will not be disappointed, and you will not be going back to the golf shop to exchange or buy more clubs just to find out that......that didn't work out either. -Bryan
Thanks to Rita for the best club fitting experience I have ever had. It truly made a difference in my game. Rita and Nancy are also great instructors and can see things other people don't! -Emily
Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf