Mental Golf Profile

Performance technology . . . for the mental side of your game

When you attend any of the programs at the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, you benefit from the use of the best technology available for improving your game. We utilize video analysis for your technique and the launch monitor for customizing your equipment.


The Mental Golf Workshop Profile is the best technology available for customized information for improving the mental side of your game. Many of our students have used the profile with great success.


Your profile provides results based on the DISC Profile model, which is perhaps the most popular profile used worldwide for helping people reach higher levels of performance. This report contains unique information about you. Use it wisely and your scoring average will be the beneficiary.


The 10 minute online process asks you a series of multiple-choice questions that help determine your attitudes and behaviors. The profile then goes a step further by helping you understand how to use and modify these tendencies to gain a mental advantage.

Your personalized profile will detail your mental tendencies in these six key areas of the game:

Golf Temperament

Pre-round Preparation

Mental Tendencies When Playing Shots

Course Management

Working With Your Instructors

Mental Tendencies Toward Golf Fitness

Once you have completed the questionnaire, the system generates customized information about you and your mental game tendencies, much like video and launch monitors produce customized information for working on your swing and customizing your equipment. The profile is built for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach.

Your report includes “workshop” type exercises that will reinforce important mental game strategies and make it easy to self-coach yourself and improve your game.

Students attending special workshops:

All other students:

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