Instruction with Rita Reasons

Rita Reasons is a Class A member of the LPGA. Throughout a career of over 28 years, she has gained national recognition as an accomplished instructor and leader within the golf industry. She joined the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf in 1993 as a co-owner and Managing Director.


Rita has received numerous honors for her teaching expertise, including: 2009 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, LPGA Top 50 Teacher, LPGA Midwest Section Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Best Teachers in Tennessee, GOLF magazine Top Regional Teachers, and US Kids Golf Top 50 Teachers among others.


Rita is an active member of the LPGA and has served as President of the Midwest Section of the LPGA Professionals and on the Executive Leadership Committee.  Read more…

Individual Instruction for Adults


Instruction Programs include the use of Flightscope X3 launch monitor, Video analysis using the V1 Pro Digital Coaching System, BodiTrak pressure mapping system, discounts for the Mental Golf Profile, and a personalized plan for improvement. For Junior Private Instruction, click here.


Receive world-class instruction designed for your individual needs.  Each session will focus on a specific area of your choice needing improvement.


One-Hour Session $225

(Additional pricing options available with multiple sessions.) 

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Multi-Student Instruction


Sessions Available for 2, 3 and 4 Players. You and your friends/family or business associates can learn the game together, improve shots around the green, gain more distance off the tee or work on course management skills. You will decide how your time will be spent.

For two or more participants, call 615-778-8823 for pricing and to schedule.


Online Video Analysis


Regardless of where you live, you can still experience online Internet Golf Lessons at the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf.  Click here for more information.


Performance Training Programs 2023


The goal of the Performance Training Program is to provide you the tools “to play better golf”. These customized programs provide options which include a combination of technique, skill development, and on-course performance coaching. Each program offers a unique opportunity for overall game improvement for all golfers intent on lowering their scores.


  • Three to twelve hours of training customized to your goals
  • Training program designed to fit your schedule
  • Total game video analysis with V1 Pro Digital Coaching System
  • Personalized online video locker
  • Swing and distance tracking with FlightScope X3 launch monitor
  • BodiTrak ground force and pressure mapping system
  • On-course coaching and performance evaluation (green fee not included)
  • Coach availability via text and email between sessions
  • All Training Programs must be completed within the calendar year.
  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance or session is forfeited.
  • No refunds on any lesson packages.

Program I 
Three-Hours of Training

Program II
Six-Hours of Training
$1,020  ($340 mo./3 mos.)

Program III
Twelve-Hours of Training
$1920  ($480 mo./4 mos.)

Private New-Golfer Program


The Private New-Golfer Program is for both men and women. It is designed to provide golfers, new to the game or with minimal skill level, basic fundamentals and knowledge needed to get started playing the game of golf.


Whether you are wanting to learn to play for work or with family and friends, this is a program to get you ready for the course.


  • Program provides flexibility to adapt to your schedule.
  • Two golfers maximum may participate in Level I together.
  • Level II is available after completing Level I or Women’s Beginner Program
  • Includes instructional materials. Level II includes Video Analysis.
  • Learn basic fundamentals of tee shots, fairway shots, short game, and putting.
  • Clubs provided if needed; recommendations for future purchase.
  • All New-Golfer Programs must be completed within the calendar year.
  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance or session is forfeited.
  • No refunds on any lesson packages.

Level I (Private)

Four Hours of Instruction


Session I – Intro to Clubs/Putting
Session II – Chipping/Pitching
Session III – Full Swing Irons/Hybrids
Session IV – Full Swing Fairway Woods/Driver


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Level I (Designed for 2 Golfers)

Five Hours of Instruction


Session I (2 hours) Putting and Chipping/Pitching
Session II (2 hours) Intro to Full Swing Irons/Hybrids
Session III (1 hour) Full Swing Fairway Woods/Driver

   $510 per person
Please call to schedule for 2 participants.

Level II (Private Only)

Four Hours of Instruction. Includes Video Analysis.


Session I – Drivers Distance/Direction Control
Session II – Irons/Hybrids – Solid Contact
Session III – Reading Greens/Refining Short Game Skills
Session IV – Bunker Shots


On-Course Performance Coaching


The best assessment of how you play and manage your game is done on the golf course. Simulating situations on the driving range and practice areas is no comparison as to how you actually manage your game during play.


During your On-Course Coaching, we will observe your technique, club selections, course management decisions, alignment, ability to handle adverse situations, and more. We will evaluate your performance,  answer your questions, and make recommendations as to what you can do to improve your play and lower your scores.


Three Hours: $540
* does not include green fee

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Distance Tracking Session


One of the easiest ways to lower your scores on the golf course is the ability to make the appropriate club selection. Utilizing the FlightScope X3 launch monitor, we will provide accurate distance charting of both the carry and total distance of each club in your bag.


Your session will begin with a 15 minute warm up. This will allow ample time to loosen up and begin to hit solid shots. Then, for the next 45 minutes, we will track your distances and provide you with a distance chart that you can rely on the next time you play.


One Hour Session   $175

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I wanted to thank you Rita for such a great experience during my lesson. You display such a passion and true excitement for teaching. You were not only able to help me fix my shank, but improve my ball striking to the best it has ever been. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you so much, - John

Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf

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