Short Game Clinics

Research has shown that 60% to 65% of all golf shots occur inside 100 yards of the hole. How well you play from this distance to the green will be the most significant factor of how you score. That is why the short game is also commonly referred to as the “scoring game”.


The Short Game Clinics will focus on developing your stock shots to help reduce strokes in to and around the green. This will include: wedges, pitches, chips, and bunker shots.


This program will be taught by Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Nancy Quarcelino.


“The higher your scores, the more you need a good short game.” -Dave Pelz

Short Game Clinics May Include:

  • Three hours of instruction.
  • 4:1 student/instructor ratio
  • Low Bump and Run Chip Shots
  • Greenside Pitch Shots With High Lofted Clubs
  • Distance Control and Accuracy With Longer Wedge Shots
  • Greenside Bunker Shots
  • Improve your decision making and shot management strategies.
  • Develop a plan utilizing drills for practice and lowering scores.


Short Game Schedule 2023


All Short Game Clinics for 2023 will be conducted as custom clinics for private groups of four golfers. Each clinic will be designed to accomodate the needs and goals of the participants.


This is a great opportunity for golfing friends, family members, and co-workers to enjoy time together at the course while improving their game!


Please contact us at 615-778-8823 for more information and to schedule your outing.

The higher your scores, the more you need a good short game. -Dave Pelz
Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf