Putting Up Against the Fringe of the Green

Putting Up Against the Fringe of the Green

“WHAT IF?”  My ball rolls off the green and nestles up against the fringe cut?

When the ball is up against the fringe you are unable to get the face of the putter on the middle of the ball at impact.  It will only hit the top half of the ball and put top spin on the roll.  This will cause the ball to roll farther than normal.

An option you have for this putt is to hit the ball off the toe of your club.  Not the toe end of the face, but off the end of your putter.  You will turn the club, so the putt will be struck off the toe of the clubhead.

As you strike the ball with a downward blow the ball will pop up in the air.  It will begin to roll once it hits the surface of the green. Strike the putt with the same speed you would a regular length putt.

Qs for this shot:

  • Read the putt.
  • Practice making a putting stroke that looks and feels like the real stroke. You must get used to the feel of the grip when the putter is turned this way.
  • Put a firm grip on the putter.
  • Make your stroke to your intended line.

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