Four Steps to Lower Your Scores

Four Steps to Lower Your Scores

There are four key areas to focus upon in order to play your best golf.  Many think that one is more important than another, but ultimately if you can be good at three of these areas and great in another, you will have the opportunity to score better than ever before.

To gauge your progress, take into consideration the following statistics: how many fairways hit from off the tee, how many greens in regulation hit, how many up and down conversions made, and how many putts per round.

If you focus on these areas of the game, determine where you are the strongest, and become better at the rest, you will find yourself shooting the scores you desire.

1.      Hitting your tee shot in the fairway is very important.  If you find yourself behind a tree, in tall rough or in the wrong fairway, it will be difficult to hit the green with your approach shot.

2.      Knowing how far you hit your second shot is crucial to you hitting greens in regulation.  If you know the exact distance of how far the ball will carry in the air, you will begin to reach more greens in regulation.

3.      If you miss the green, maybe coming up short or even left or right, you must be able to chip the ball close to the hole in order to one putt to save par.

4.      The more often you hit the green; you may find yourself further away from the hole.  So putting is crucial. You must lay up close enough to the hole in order to two putt.  Eliminating three putts is a must for low scores, therefore; keeping your putts per round in the low 30’s or high 20’s is the easiest way to ensure lower scores.

By keeping your statistics, you can practice more effectively to help lower your scores.

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