The Best Golf Advice Ever!

The Best Golf Advice Ever!

When we go play golf with our students for fun or in a tournament setting, we are always asked to give advice to our playing partners during the round.  Giving advice during a round would be violating our number one rule; do not think about anything except the target!

We are going to make a bumper sticker one day that says “You can’t think and play golf at the same time!”

Playing golf is about the game, not about how to hit the ball.  When you play golf you should be focusing on getting your golf ball from the tee to the hole in the fewest number of strokes as possible.  If you are playing and focusing on getting more distance with your driver, then you will only be thinking of hitting your driver, not about where you want the ball to go!

If you’re struggling during your round, it is so hard not to ask your friends for advice. Or, if you are watching your friend struggle, it’s also equally as hard to keep your mouth shut!    Everyone becomes an expert when asked.  But the greatest answer when someone asks you what they did wrong is to say “I really don’t know”. Even if they have the same issue that you have or had in the past, the fix may be totally different for them.

The best thing you can say to another golfer is “good shot” or nothing at all.  You are being honest with both answers. Shouldn’t you be focusing on your own game anyway?

Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf

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