Two Ways to Gain Distance With the Driver

Two Ways to Gain Distance With the Driver

Here are two easy ways to gain distance with your Driver the next time you tee it up! All you will need is your Driver and a can of Dr. Scholl’s foot powder.

Before you begin your practice, spray the face of the Driver with the powder until it turns white. As you hit, the balls will leave a mark on the face of the club indicating impact positions. To obtain the longest distance with optimum directional control, it is necessary to make impact with the ball in the center of the clubface. If that is not the case during your practice, try these suggestions.

First, if the mark is on the toe or heel of the club, check your distance away from the ball and adjust or even grip down on the club to shorten it until you hit the ball in the middle of the face of the club.

Second, if the mark is high or low on the face, check your tee height and/or ball position.

You should see better results immediately once the impact marks begin to cluster towards the center of the clubface!

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