Shoot Lower Scores Without Changing Your Swing!

Shoot Lower Scores Without Changing Your Swing!

How to lower your scores without changing your swing! That statement should most certainly catch the attention of all golfers!

Let’s assume you want to play great golf or maybe just better than you did last summer. You don’t take golf lessons or practice at all. (Obviously we suggest that you should!) You are afraid of change. You have heard that when you take golf lessons, you get worse before you get better.

If any of those statements apply to you, then I suggest you follow these simple tips, and you will shoot lower scores!

  1. Always use your driver on par fours and par fives; you need the distance.
  2. Use your favorite club on par threes.
  3. Use your putter on the green AND up to 5 steps off the green.
  4. If there are no bunkers around the green, bump and run your shot with your 7 iron or putt.
  5. Aim to the middle of the green ALL the time.
  6. When you ball is in the rough, use a lofted club to get the ball out.
  7. Learn how to hit your favorite club a shorter distance by gripping down on the club or slowing your swing tempo.
  8. When your ball is around the green, pitch with your wedge, but set up to the ball like you would if you were putting.

Does it sounds too SIMPLE; then take this into consideration:

  • If you can hit the ball 100 yards, two putt every green, and you play from 5000 yards; you can shoot 86.
  • If you can hit the ball 150 yards, two putt every green, and play from 6000 yards; you can shoot 76.

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