Create More Power in Your Golf Swing

Create More Power in Your Golf Swing

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from my students is; “How can I create more power in my golf swing?”

The power in your swing starts from the ground up.  Yes you have to grip the club with your hands and swing the club with your body, but your feet on the ground provide the power you need to hit the golf ball a long way.

Your feet provide the stability for your arms to create motion.  If you really want to feel this force, try hitting golf balls with your feet close together.  You will be able to hit the ball with a lot of power because your arms will be able to swing fast around your body. Then as you widen out your golf stance you will find that the power increases.

All good athletes make a powerful move when they strike a baseball, throw a football, or hit a tennis shot.  At impact, “the moment of truth in golf”, the majority of power will be from the front leg as your foot plants solidly on the ground and the arms swing the golf club. The same sequence happens when throwing a baseball.

So practice with your feet together to feel the real power of your golf swing, from the ground up!

Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf