Helpful Hints for Fewer Putts

Helpful Hints for Fewer Putts

One of the easiest shots in golf is putting, and it is also the least practiced shot as well.

Golfers may spend 15 minutes putting before a round in order to get used to the speed of the greens. But are you really practicing what you need to help you be a better putter?

Here are a few helpful hints to lower your scores as it applies to putting.  Beware, you may have to practice!

  1. Practice putting from 6 feet and in. So simple, yet so hard to make those short little putts.  Even the pros on tour only make 50% of their putts from 6 feet.
  2. Forget bringing 3 golf balls to the green to practice. Just bring one golf ball.  You never have the same putt on the golf course, so putt each ball out then choose a different location and putt from there.
  3. Count your putts after each round of golf you play. Keep up with your average and set a goal of 30 or less putts each round.
  4. Tabulate the average distance for your first putt on each hole. If it is more than 20 feet from the hole, then in addition to working on your lag puts, you must also work on your approach shots in to the green.
  5. Practice long putts. Arrange tees from three feet around the hole. Attempt to putt from 20-30-40 feet and get the ball inside that three foot range.  The pros make 99% of these putts.

Enjoy practicing putting.  Make it a game.  Spend more time on the green and I guarantee you will see your scores lower!

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