A Longer Club Will Help on a Sidehill Lie

A Longer Club Will Help on a Sidehill Lie

“WHAT IF?”  My ball comes to rest in the fairway below my feet?

First, determine the distance to your target.  In making your club selection you will want to choose a longer club with less loft as the ball will fly higher and travel shorter than normal.  You want a longer club because the ball is farther away from you.

Next, place the ball in the normal position for the club you have selected.  The hill will not affect your ball position as you make this shot. Because the club will sole to the ground with the toe of the club lower than the heel of the club, the ball will slice from left to right.  Be sure to aim left of your target.

Widen your stance and lower your center of gravity by bending your knees more than normal for this shot.  Bending your knees instead of from your waist will help keep you in balance. You will want to stay level throughout your swing.  Because of the lower than normal set up, you may not be able to follow through as well.

You can play a longer club to help you lay up to the green.  But, because of the added loft produced by the lie of this shot, you may not be able to reach the green from the fairway.


Q’s for this shot:

  • Determine the distance to your target.
  • Select more club as the ball will go less distance.
  • Play the ball position where you normally play the shot with the club you have selected.
  • Aim left of your target to accommodate for the ball moving from left to right.
  • Widen your stance and increase your knee flex.
  • Swing level with your body.

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