Why The Best Golf Tip May Not Work For You

Why The Best Golf Tip May Not Work For You

BioSwing DynamicsMuch has been written about the origin of the game of golf. Some historians say it began in Scotland in 1297 and others attest it began even before that in other parts of Europe.

None the less, golf has come a long way from hitting a stuffed leather ball with a bent stick.

I can only imagine that even back then, golfers were giving advice to one another about the best way to swing that stick in order to achieve the longest and straightest shot!

As golf has evolved, so has golf instruction. Does that mean that what some of the greatest players of the game were taught years ago was incorrect? That might be up for debate. But, it simply means that with the technology and resources that we have today as instructors, things aren’t quite always what they appear to be sometimes.

Did you ever wonder why some of the golf tips you read about in magazines or watch on the internet don’t work for you? Or why your golf buddies have had great success in using the one-plane swing method or stack and tilt method and you don’t? Or why the computerized software program says that you need to get to a certain position to achieve your best results, and you can’t get there?

If you haven’t noticed lately, golfers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall, some are short, some have longer arms than others, some have more flexibility, and the list goes on and on. You are all unique. So how can all of you be expected to swing the club the same way?

In order for you to play your best golf and produce your best golf swing, you must first be evaluated to determine what your physical structure will allow. I’m not talking about putting you on an exercise regimen; I mean what best swing your body is mechanically capable of producing today!

Through a biomechanical screening process, we can now quickly determine the most efficient motion for you and develop your swing accordingly. It’s not a method, it is all about you. There may be one missing component in your current swing that is keeping you from playing your best golf. Don’t allow that to hold you back this golf season!

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