Hitting the Ball Out of Mulch

Hitting the Ball Out of Mulch

“WHAT IF?”  My ball goes into the rough and comes to rest on mulch?

When the ball is sitting on loose mulch you must be careful to not disturb the mulch and accidentally cause your ball to move. If the ball does move prior to the shot, refer to the Rules of Golf for the proper ruling.

When you are in the rough your club decision will be based upon the obstacles in front of you.  Most of the time you will want to hit a low shot out of the mulch to keep the ball under any trees which may be in your way.

The important thing about this shot is to make certain the club face comes into contact with the ball before hitting the mulch.  If you hit the unstable mulch first this may cause the ball to move ball before you hit it.

Play the ball back in your stance. Shift your weight to your front foot at setup and lean your shaft toward your front thigh.  You will want to hinge your wrists immediately on the takeaway which will position your club at the top of the backswing for a steeper angle back down to the ball. Keep your follow through low.

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