Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf

Women's Beginner Program

The Learn to Play School is comprised of three segments designed to build a solid foundation for women taking up the game of golf.

 I.   Learning Sessions
      Learn the fundamentals/techniques of both short game and long game skills

II.   Practice Sessions
      Learn how to practice skills effectively in order to be prepared for play

III.  Playing Sessions
      Learn what to do when you get to the golf course

With emphasis on personal attention, we ensure a fun golfing experience!  There is no need for you to feel intimidated; everyone in this program is new to the game.

Program Highlights

  • 7.5 hours of instruction 
  • Instruction videos provided online, prior to sessions, to provide a preview of what to expect  
  • Clubs provided for the class, if needed 
  • Women's Golf Group of Tennessee Facebook Page 

Dates Available:

  • Learn: Sept. 6 &13 (3-5:00); Practice: Sept. 9 &16 (6-7:00); Play: Sept. 20 (4-5:30) 

Women's Beginner Program: $260